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The early suppression of fire is the most significant fact. Though the equipment technology for fire suppression is gradually developing.
In case of fire,
It is not easy for the citizens to extinguish the initial fire with the current fire extinguishing product.
And the citizens need to escape from the fire as well.

So, Guard-K made the products to help these problems.
Guard-K is a product to help the citizens regardless of age or gender, to extinguish a fire easily and quickly at the initial stage.
But also, The firefighters need Guard-K to use in metal fires or electric vehicle fires which is not easy to extinguish the fire with general fire extinguishing devices.

We will continue to developing our products to keep the citizens safe, from initial fire to large-scale fires Post Corona, by Continuous developing Guard-K, will do our best to keep the safety of the world.

Efforts to prevent further disasters,
Efforts to make a safer world,
Guard-K will do our best.

Jo Wook-rae, CEO of Guard-K Co., Ltd.